About Us


We create audio programs to present the Gospel to people who don’t know Jesus and encourage anyone that follows Jesus.


For more than 30 years Vantage Point Radio, formally known as the Voice of Melody, Bible School of the Air and Communication Radio, has produced over 2,500 programmes for radio transmission. Featuring the Voice of Melody choir (long since disbanded) the original programmes were of 30 minutes duration, now stations prefer “religious material” to be ¬†more condensed. Currently we issue a weekly 5 minute gospel message throughout Australia. Over 3,000 “one minute spots” are available to all stations.

Advances in technology require constant upgrades in studio equipment to meet the high standards of recording demanded by radio stations. Improvements in portable recorders, computers,software, CD copiers, mixers, microphones and other sundry equipment become necessities.

The production and transmission of Christian radio, TV and internet programmes has become a potent means of reaching the world with the Gospel message. Our programs are available in MP3 file format for downloading by peoples in all corners of the world.